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Our Mission When Prabhupada began the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (in New York City in 1966), he formulated a clear mission statement.

Purpose of ISKCON

To systematically propagate spiritual knowledge to society at large and to educate all people in the techniques of spiritual life in order to check the imbalance of values in life and to achieve real unity and peace in the world.


The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), otherwise known as the Hare Krishna movement, includes five hundred major centers, temples and rural communities, nearly one hundred affilated vegetarian restaurants,

कार्तिक दामोदर मास सेवा

21 Oct to 19 Nov, 21

सभी बारह महीनों में से कार्तिक माह भगवान श्रीकृष्ण को सर्वाधिक प्रिय है। – पदम् पुराण ||

जो व्यक्ति कार्तिक मास के दौरान भगवान विष्णु / कृष्ण के मंदिर में दीपक अर्पित करता है, उसे अनंत धन, अच्छे बच्चे, प्रसिद्धि और गौरव की प्राप्ति होती है। – स्कन्द पुराण, हरी भक्ति विलास ।

कार्तिक माह में दान करने से भगवान श्रीकृष्ण अत्यधिक प्रसन्न होते हैं।

हम अपने सभी दानदाताओं की ओर से श्री राधा मदन मोहन मंदिर, इस्कॉन ग़ज़िआबाद में दीप अर्पण करेंगे।

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Founder Acharya

His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder-Acharya of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), was born Abhay Charan De, on the 1 September 1896, in Calcutta. In 1922 he met His Divine Grace Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, Founder of Gaudiya Math, who requested Abhay to broadcast Vedic knowledge in the English medium. In 1933, at Allahabad, Abhay was formally initiated and made it his life ambition to expound the Vedic conclusion that real freedom means liberation from the miseries of material life: birth, death, old age, and disease, a state that can be permanently attained by awakening one’s pure love for God, Krishna-prema or Krishna-bhakti.

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